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Wealth Management - Alternative Investments

Instructor: By Industry Mentors

Language: English, Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime


About the Program:

  • You'll get an opportunity to work on a live project to prepare a portfolio of Alternative investments such as asset leasing, arts and antiques, commercial real estate, corporate FD's, Invoice discounting and so on
  • FinKore team will assign an industry expert in the field of Wealth Management to ensure a rich learning experience for you
  • Mentor will provide you with the training, will share all the nuances of Alternative Investments and its periodic review and will provide regular feedback
  • You'll get an opportunity to present your mutual funds portfolio to the Industry panel, thereby helping you improve your presentation skills

We aim to equip enthusiasts with the following skills during the program:

  • Skill to understand the financial objectives, time horizon and risk appetite of a client to develop a portfolio comprising of 100% Alternative Investments
  • Perform a research to identify the various types of Altenative Investments and their key characteristics
  • Identify the factors which impact the prices or rates of various Alternative Investments
  • Learn to perform the quantitative and qualitative review before selecting a particular Alternative Investment
  • Learn to measure the returns of the Investment
  • Learn to examine the performance and risk measures for the evidence of a consistent process
  • Learn to understand the different kinds of fees associated with an investment before selecting an Alternative Investment
  • Synthesize all data and research to come up with a portfolio for a client
  • Learn to monitor your portfolio to determine whether life changes, economic changes, environmental concerns, or financial performance indicate a need for plan reassessment.
  • Learn to draft well-documented valuation reports communicating the key investment considerations


  • Live project with hands-on experience
  • Learn from scratch with Industry experts
  • Get a feel of working in office setup and develop work relationships
  • Earn a certificate that will add value to your career enhancement and placements
  • Goodies and Attractive Prizes if you achieve a good rating in your final presentation to the Industry Panel 
  • Opt for Placement Assistance Program and interact with Industry mentors to get your resume reviewed and to attend mock interview

Enthusiasts with the following skills/passion can register for this program:

  • Aim to work with Banks, Corporates and Wealth Advisors
  • Aim to open their own Wealth House or become a Mutual Fund Distributor
  • Have a passion to learn Alternative Investments
  • Have a very basic knowledge about Alternative Investments
  • Wishes to get hands-on experience in Alternative Investments selection
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